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Please join us at One Trick Pony tonight at 7:30 for a Hat Trick Concert featuring Jeffrey Foucault.  The concert is free.  A hat will be passed to raise funds for our park.


Meeting News

Neighbors met last night to discuss the status of fundraising for the park project and the idea of a special tax assessment for the homes within a 750 radius of the park (Logan to Franklin and Lafayette to Union).  As it stands, our current fundraising efforts are unlikely to raise enough for the park.  If we are able to pass an assessment, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks feels it is very likely we could raise the rest of the funds from private sources and build the park this summer!

We learned that we have raised about half the funds necessary for the park.  The City recently approved the use of a special tax assessment mechanism for funding parks which would allow neighbors who approve such an assessment to have $50-$100 per year billed to them like a water bill over a ten year period to help finance park builds or park improvements. Most neighbors present felt that this assessment would be worth it, especially since the park is likely to improve their property values by 5%-20%!

We also discussed other fundraising ideas, like brick sales, a concert in the parking lot, tee shirt sales, concrete sales, and the like, which would help raise the remaining funds necessary AFTER an assessment were approved.

We are looking for more volunteers to help fundraise and spread the word about the assessment to neighbors.